Making the most of your scanner and copier

Scanners and copiers are some of the most basic of office equipment, that we use everyday. We use them daily in order to send, receive and copy documents and this helps us to keep our business going and successful. Taking care of them and using them to the maximum capacity can be quite a challenge, especially for the beginners. We have listed some of the best tips in order to make the most of your scanner and copier.

Making the most of your scanner and copier

Choose the right paper. Some scanners and printers work the best with a specific type of paper. Look in the technical manual and see which fits your machine the best. Buying expensive paper doesn’t always mean that the paper is suitable for your work. Unsuitable paper can even damage your machine. Thicker paper can get stuck and you will probably have to call the service to take it out. Having such delicate pieces, such an accident can cause a lot of damage to your device.

Take all the clips out. When you are using a copier you have to remember that they are designed for paper only. Some use only scanning but others take the whole paper sheet inside in order to scan in better. Leaving paper clips can do a lot of damage to the internal parts of the machine and the reparation can be quite expensive. Scanning is also better if you take the clips out. Your document will look more professional without them.

Don’t overload the copier. Many of us tend to fill the copier with paper in order to be sure that there is enough. This kind of habit can cause the copier to jam a lot because it takes more than one sheet at a time. This can cause many headaches, especially if you are in a rush. Fill your paper tray with ¾ of the maximum capacity in order to have the inner comfort of having enough paper and the safety of avoiding paper jams.

Take care of the paper. Moist paper can destroy your printer and scanner. It can jam so bad that you will have to call the service. The damage done by water is unpredictable so it is better to avoid this kind of situation. Scanners aren’t good friends with moist paper either. This can cause your scanner to lose from the resolution and it can damage it in time. Put your paper in a dry place and avoid leaving it near the AC or on the floor.

Take care of your equipment. Although they may seem very robust and strong, many copiers and copiers are quite delicate. Wipe the glass of the scanner frequently in order to have the best resolution. Use glasses solution in order to clean them perfectly and to avoid any streaks. Watch out for the dust. It can damage the internal parts of your machines. Dust them frequently and if you observe dust inside of them it is advised to call a specialist that knows how to clean them perfectly.

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