Best Ways to Recycle Old Printers

Often at times getting rid of old electronics (printers precisely) could be difficult; you can’t just dump them anywhere, anyhow.  The presence of a toxic substance in printer ink cartridges limits the disposal methods of the electronic. Various countries and states have adopted legislation against the disposal of electronic waste (e-waste). Firms and business that indulge in illegal dumping of electronics, if caught could be subjected to paying massive fines as a penalty. A notable one was at 2014, when AT&T was billed with the fine of $52 million for inappropriate handling of e-waste and illegal disposal of hazardous materials to landfills. The big question now, becomes how one can get rid of old printers that are sitting around cluttering and accumulating dust at the office? You can donate them, sell them or even recycle them. Here’s the remedy.

Donate Old Printers

There is this adage that says one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Schools, community organizations, nonprofits, recreation centers, and thrift shops will be delighted to take your old printers and put them to productive use, once the printers are still working.

Sell Old Printers

Once your printers are not spoilt, there are various ways to make some cash from those old printers. Below are some sites you can sell your used printers:

  • com: This site specializes in refurbishing laser and dot matrix printers from IT departments.
  • Printers Jack: Get a bid, ship and get your payment via PayPal or check.
  • Online marketplaces: advertise your printers on sites like Craigslist, Amazon, Bonanza, and eBay.
  • Social media: merely search and join buy and sell groups, and make a post on Facebook to create awareness to enable you to sell locally.

Even though your old printers are spoilt, you still have an option of selling them to repair shops and junk shops. Depending on your location, you will be required to do some research about these places, and contact them to know if I’ll collect the brand and type of your printer.

Recycle Old Printers

The best, fastest and most convenient way to do away with trash printers is to recycle them. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, Staples, and Office Depot have designated bins in their stores; one can quickly drop off their printers and go. Aside stores with recycling programs, e-waste collection center are a better alternative. You could locate you’re a center closest to your location. By checking your city hall, country or city website and local communities for e-waste drop-off hours and location. Business owners and consumers have a more natural option of disposing of old electronics, individual countries and cities conduct day or weekend-long programs for collecting electronic waste. All you need do is drop your printers off at required location, and you’re good to go.

To make it even easier for consumers and business owners to get rid of old tech, some cities and counties also hold day- or weekend-long events to collect electronic waste. Drop your printers off at the designated location, and you’re good to go. is an alternative online site where one can find e-waste recycling programs and private firms that collect old printers closest to your location. Get started by selecting your state; you can then organize your search results by zip code, type of organization, and program name.

Lastly, is contacting the manufacturers of the printer. HP, Canon, Samsung, Sony, and Epson all have e-waste recycling and encourage customers to return old electronics for recycling, by conducting take-back programs. But ensure always to call first, to know if they I’ll accept your printer.