Best Paper for Printing Photos

The photographic paper is a paper specially designed for the printing of images from a printer or requisite media device. They are made to produce good quality images of the photographed or designed object. However, they are various factors that will determine the final quality of the printed picture. Factors like the type of printer, the type of ink, the type of photo paper.

No matter how cool your camera is or how creative your design looks if your printing is bad then all your effort is probably wasted. You wouldn’t want to spend your time and energy preparing your photographs or a printing design you want for your business or marketing campaign only for it to be ruined by a poor printing work. When printing your photos, calendars, brochures, postcards, flyers and other high-quality imageries, using the state of the art printers and expensive inks will not guarantee you the best printing job. The type of paper used plays a bigger role in ensuring that you are satisfied.

Getting the right paper for your project is not as difficult as it may look initially. The first step to making the right choice is by understanding the importance of quality paper to your printing job. If you are a professional, your customers will judge the strength of your business by the quality of the printing job you offer. People always want the best value for their money so if you offer anything less, you will soon be kicked out of business by other competition. For this reason, we bring to you two common paper types that can guarantee you a perfect printing job.

RC Photo Paper

The most popular printing paper in the market today is the RC print papers. “RC” stands in for resin-coated. They are darkroom photo papers coated with resins. The resins allow for a quick processing and drying for the pictures. Pictures printed on the RC papers are scuff and curl resistant. This paper was used before the invention of the inkjet printers and has been modified to suit this change. They are now made from refined wood pulp base and encased in two layers of plastic polyethylene. This is finished off with a coat of microporous inkjet receptive emulsion. The advantage of RC papers over other types is that they are waterproof, scratch, and scuff resistant, plus they are actually thinner than others.

Metallic Paper

The new and improved metallic paper used today was designed from the very popular Kodak Endura Premier Metallic paper, which used to be a professional colour negative paper designed for wet chemical processing. However, the metallic papers manufactured today now have a warm tone and very high degree of luminance plus greater reflectivity. They now exhibit rich, dense blacks, very intense colour gamut and contrast range and gives an image a look that is very close to the 3-dimensional feel.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose paper for print a wide range of subject matter and images with metals such as cars, trucks, trains, planes, machinery etc., then the metallic paper is the right choice. The only down part is that the papers have lesser weight and thickness.