Are Printers Still Needed in the Digital Age?

Today many people are concerned about the environment, and they most certainly want to save trees, therefore they are not keen on printing. The question is whether printers are still even relevant today considering that we are living in a digital era when almost everything we do is electronic. The reality is that there are still situations where printers are necessary and we have to use them.

The Different Generations

For instance, marketing efforts rely on both digital and print media. There are still not enough people who exclusively use technology to render prints obsolete. Those who do not use the internet to read newspapers or search for sales can be targeted using printed advertisements and various flyers. Digitally focused marketing such as ads on Facebook and YouTube and sales materials that are emailed are more effective for those who are more tech-savvy and like to use the latest technologies.

Certain generations, such as the Baby-boomers, are more reluctant to go online and are certainly more likely to be aware of sales, services and products through printed word rather than digital material. It is also possible that some people prefer to physically hold an article; it becomes more real and tangible if it is something that they can touch and feel. Also, marketers can print on many surfaces, including textiles. So, a business can advertise by printing on t-shirts or flyers or they can use multimedia to appeal to different generations and to spread their message to as many people as possible. This kind of diverse marketing is important in a world where there is stiff competition for services and products.

Photo Printing

Printing is also very important for photos. Many people still want to be able to print them out and hang them on their wall or put them in photo albums. While many people have online collections, printed albums are still relevant and are even preferred by some. Once again there are those who are not in favor of technology and would rather have a physical piece of paper.

Important Documents

Physical papers are still necessary for some documents. For instance, degree certificates and other educational credentials are usually still printed on paper. Part of the reason for this is to prevent people falsifying educational certificates. Some degrees and academic transcripts may even be printed on special paper such that they cannot be scanned or photocopied and altered.

Legal documents such as wills, land titles, car titles and birth certificates also require physical paper. Only time will tell if such documents will be replaced by digital documents. The concern is, once more, the fact that people may commit fraud and illegally alter documents. Printers are still a necessity today even though we are in the digital age. Marketers have certainly found this to be the case. People may still also want physical photos, not to mention that most legal documents and educational credentials usually should be printed on paper in order to prevent fraud.