Are Portable Photo Printers Worth it?

It can be quite difficult to decide if you should buy a portable photo printer; after all, there are so many other options available for printing, including using online print services or in-store print services. The question you have to ask yourself is how much you really feel that you need to have your own printer. Can you afford to wait to print a photo or do you need to print it quickly? You should also consider cost. If you print several photos often, then maybe it is worth the cost, but you need to take into account the cost of photo paper as well as the toner that you will be using.

Connivence For Travelers

There are many worthwhile and excellent portable photo printers available that can be used easily and often, wirelessly with a computer or smart phone. They often come with good software that you can use to edit and adjust your photos. It may be useful to buy a portable photo printer if you are a business person who travels often. This way you can easily and quickly print information while on the go. If you are a salesperson, you can use it to print receipts. This is convenient since you get provide the customer with needed documentation on the spot. People who need to have various information in hand right away will find it helpful to have a portable photo printer.

The printer will add some weight and bulk to what you are carrying, though, so consider what you need to use it for. The most compact of these printers do not print larger than 4-by-6-inch photo paper. The other issue is that smaller printers often cost more than desktop printers and the ink also tends to be more expensive. This means that you really need to consider whether it is worth investing in.

Fast and Good Quality

Protable printers are often very good and can print fast. Most of them also have wireless and Bluetooth capability. Usually they have a slot to take an SD card, so you can simply insert the card and print what you need to. Printers can come with various power options, including a power cable, USB charging capability and even a car adapter. This means that you can charge your printer off the computer or even off your car, which is very convenient if you are on the go a lot. It is a good idea to see what power options you have with a particular printer before you buy it. You also need to check that what you are purchasing can handle the type of paper you need to print on. Check that it is compatible with your laptop and the operating system you have.

Remember that newer printers may not be compatible with older operating systems and computers. All the specifications and compatibility need to be carefully checked before you invest in one of these devices. You should weigh the pros and cons of buying a portable printer based on what you will use it for and how much it will cost you.