Aligning Printer Cartridges in Windows 10

If you’re installing new cartridges, you haven’t used your printer in a while or you’re seeing some trouble while printing (like print output showing jagged lines or isn’t printing perfectly, especially on the borders), you need to align them in order to get back to work. Even though setting things right usually take similar steps for every printer, brands have particularities of their own. Make sure your printer software is updated and is the right one for your model, and use the installation CD that comes with them before following these steps.

For HP Printers

The first thing you need to do is launch the HP Printer Assistant software, or any other app installed on your device for this printer. After you select Print & Scan, you will see an option called Maintain Your Printer under the Print menu. When you click it, it launches the Toolbox window that applies to your printer, where you can select the Device Services menu and find several options for printer maintenance, including one called Align Ink Cartridges.

Once you click it, is gonna guide you through the process. Sometimes (only on extreme cases) you have to follow this process more than one, so be patient and have paper on hand because printer is gonna ask you to run some tests until optimum quality is achieved.

For Epson Printers

Launch the Run dialog box and type Control Printers as before, and when it shows you the Devices and Printers window, right click on the Epson printer you need to align and select Printing Preferences. A new window is gonna show, where you have to click on the Maintenance tab. In the menu displayed you’ll see the Print Head Alignment option, and when you click it, it launches a new dialog box. Instructions will be shown, so follow them until the app tells you your cartridges are ready to go.

For Canon Printers

Hold Windows + R keys or type “Run” in the Cortana search box and click over Run app to launch the command’s dialog box.  Once you’re there, type Control Printers and hit OK. A list of printers set to your device is gonna show, where you need to pick the one that’s presenting troubles. Right click on it to see the menu and click on Printing Preferences.

A new window is gonna show, where you need to select Maintenance tab, and then Custom Settings on the menu slided for that option. Windows is gonna aloud you to choose whether you want to align heads manually or automatically, and any option you pick is gonna come with on-screen instruction for every particular case for you to follow. After this, printer is gonna show you some test pages with patterns printed that you will be asked to count, and software is gonna make adjustment settings according to your answers.

For Brother Printers

Do all the same steps of running Control Printers and Device and Printers menu and right click your Brother printer to see more options. When you click over Printer Preferences, a new window is gonna show, where you’ll press the Features option. Another menu is gonna display, where you have to click on Printer Services and will open a Toolbox tab. Select Align the Print Cartridges and be ready to follow instructions and run printing tests.